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Video game collectibles begin smashing auction records

The emergence of the independent Wata-certified grading system for video games in 2019 supercharged the industry, and video games have been selling for record prices ever since

The superior user engagement of the video game industry saw it surpass the global revenues of the music industry and the movie industry more than a decade ago, and it is forecast to grow for the next five years at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 13 percent. In 2020, video game revenues totaled US$159 billion, compared to $43 billion in 2019 for the world movie box office (which retracted in size in 2020) and $57 billion for the music industry. Now there is a growing indication that video game memorabilia values will reflect the size and importance of the current games market, and perhaps even exceed the values of movie and music memorabilia.

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