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Biodegradable plastic made from fisheries waste

Like most other commonly used types of plastic, polyurethane is typically made from non-renewable crude oil, and it takes centuries to break down when discarded. Now, however, scientists have created a biodegradable polyurethane-like polymer using fish waste. Continue Reading Category: Environment, Science Tags: American Chemical Society, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Fish, Waste, Recycling, Plastics, Biodegradable

Four ways to fusion: The pros and pitfalls of our nuclear power pursuit

For nearly a century, scientists have been tantalized by the prospect of attaining an inexhaustible source of energy through nuclear fusion. Unfortunately, engineering a controlled environment where atomic nuclei can continuously fuse under extreme pressure and temperature to produce energy that we can capture is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean exciting advances aren’t being

Genes may determine if fish oil supplements are good or bad for you

A compelling study investigating the relationship between genetics, diet and heart health is claiming the cardiovascular benefits often linked to taking fish oil supplements may only be apparent in individuals of a certain genotype. The associational study suggests that in the future, nutritional recommendations may be optimized by taking into account a person’s unique genetic