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Hydrogel wound dressing uses immune system proteins to kill bacteria

It’s no secret that the more we use antibiotics, the greater the chances that bacteria will develop a resistance to them. A new antibacterial wound dressing is designed to get around that problem, by using proteins instead of conventional antibiotics. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: Chalmers University of Technology, Antibacterial, Hydrogels, peptide, Wound

How AI Marketing Rallies Teams Around the Right Accounts: A Hands-On Guide to Pardot Einstein

It’s 2021, and we’re still talking about marketing and sales alignment. One of the core value propositions of marketing automation is to bring these teams together. By delivering marketing and segmentation to sales and user behavior and sales transparency to marketing, both teams get the information they need, and overall business operations become more efficient

Sennheiser’s flagship IE 900 earphones come with a four-figure price tag

Though many mobile music lovers are going true wireless, audiophiles on the move are more likely to opt for the higher fidelity afforded by cabled ear candy. And it’s these listeners that German audio brand Sennheiser is aiming for with the $1,300 IE 900 flagship earphones. Continue Reading Category: Wearables, Technology Tags: Audiophile, Earphones, Sennheiser

Anti-obesity discovery directly targets energy metabolism in fat cells

Australian researchers have discovered a novel method to treat obesity by directly blocking a receptor within fat cells and speeding up energy expenditure. A promising experimental drug has been developed targeting this receptor and it has been effective at preventing obesity in mice. Continue Reading Category: Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle Tags: Fat cells, metabolism, Obesity,