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New imaging tech offers incredibly detailed 3D videos of pulsating brains

A new imaging technique has been developed offering incredibly detailed 3D videos of a human brain. The technique offers unprecedented perspectives on the pulsating motions of a brain, delivering clinicians a new diagnostic tool and researchers novel insights into neurological disorders. Continue Reading Category: Medical, Science Tags: MRI, Medical Imaging, Digital imaging, Brain, Neuroscience, Stevens

The motorcycle auction marketplace kicks back into high gear

The collectible motorcycle marketplace snapped back into action again this month when Mecum belatedly wrapped up its annual January Las Vegas motorcycle auctions on May 1, 2021 following a four-day-sale that ran from April 28. Continue Reading Category: Motorcycles, Transport Tags: MV Agusta, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Vincent, Puch, Brough Superior, Crocker, Mecum, Bonhams